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PostHeaderIcon Wascomat W123 Dead after per-soak

Had a Wascomat W123 dead after the pre-soak cycle. Haven’t found all the problems yet don’t have all the parts for what I have found. The control fuse was blown. So I replaced it. Turned power on an closed the door and POP it blew again. So I unplugged everything to the top control panel and tried it again. Replaced the fuse and turned power on and closed the door. Nothing no blown fuse. So I opened door plugged one thing in at a time and finally found one the popped the fuse ended up being the drain valve. Replaced the drain valve and tried to run the machine. As it was cycling through I noticed the drum was not turning. So I checked the relay and I have 248V on the coil for the relay. So I replaced it. No the drum turns on the wash relay but doesn’t move for the extract relay. Checked the extract relay and the coil on it is open also. I don’t have one of them so now I have to wait for parts. Hope that is all that is wrong with it. But we will see.